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To support lifelong learning, provide free access to diverse materials and resources and create educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities for the community.


To be a center for information and community, where people of all ages come to learn, discover, and connect.



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Visits increased 21%! You visited us at the library for things such as checking out materials, faxing, printing, studying, and attending programs.

Checkouts on the Rise

The number of items checked out at our library continues to increase. This includes both physical items and e-materials.


NEW! Picture Book Set Up

We finished switching the picture books to categories for easier browsing. This change helps young readers find what they’re looking for faster. For example, princesses, trucks or Bluey. 

A Mix of Programs

We had a mixture of virtual, outdoor and indoor programs for you in 2022. Fully resumed in-person, indoor programs in the fall including Gentle Yoga.

…thank you for helping me with my reading habit👍

Very helpful library staff. A great haven for young and old alike. 

I really enjoy the MORE app. It helps me a lot to see the books I cant see at the library and I like how it tells when it is transporting and when it is at the library it notifies me so I really like this app

A History of the Prescott Public Library

A library was opened in 1855 for general reading, the Transcript announced, adding “the public is indebted chiefly to the ladies.” George M. Oakley was librarian. The library was open from 3 to 4 p.m., on Friday, and patrons were expected to pay 10 cents for each book drawn. There were 130 volumes.

On Feb. 14, 1857, the Prescott Library was officially organized, and open from 6 to 9 on Saturday evening. Officers were Rev. Richard Hall, G.M. Oakley, P. Felt, J.M. Bailey, J.M. McKee, J.S. Ayres, and A. Young. J.W. Hill was librarian.

A year later, however, a notice appeared in the Transcript: “Lost, Prescott Library known to be in existence a year ago with 200 books. Does anyone know its whereabouts?” The next week James W. Hill reported that it was at his office above the Mammoth Store.

In 1866 the library was removed to the school house and opened every Friday at 4 p.m. There were 284 volumes. Annual dues were 50 cents.

The Library moved into other locations until 1887 when the association disbanded and the books were divided among members.

On June 18, 1900, The Prescott Public Library Association was formed. R.B. MacLean and Dr. George M. Dill were officers, Oliver Gibbs, librarian. In 1932, Miss Mary Johnson gifted the library $1,000, a donation that permanently secured a library for the City. The library was housed in what is now the Welcome and Heritage Center on Broad Street. In 1990 the library moved to the new city hall on Borner Street.

–“A History of Prescott, Wisconsin” by Dorothy Eaton Ahlgren and Mary Cotter Beeler.

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